The Plunge of Icarus


In 2010, along with Cal Arts graduate Jasser Membreno and creative producer Peter Deegan, I founded Cinenovel®, a visually-immersive literary project. Adapting my novel “The Plunge of Icarus,” the concept utilizes actors, photography, and graphic design, marrying these elements to a traditional literary text. The end result is a dynamic visual reading experience designed specifically to take advantage of the advanced screen quality of the Kindle Fire®.

As an author, I created Cinenovel® to allow me to craft visuals in the way I envisaged my novel. The process allowed me to tap my experience as a filmmaker and director, while at the same time offering a fresh new process of rendering visuals for a literary work. I was graced with an astonishing array of talent in front of and behind the camera who all contributed to bringing this project to fruition. I will be forever indebted to their faith and eagerness to be part of an untried, experimental platform, and for making the project one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.

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Initially, we created a fully-immersive version for the iPad, that had music and voice-over, as well as cinematic elements such as fades and dissolves, representing a first of its kind creation. Unfortunately, iTunes declared that 28 of the 500 frames that comprise the Cinenovel contained “objectionable material,” and demanded that we censor the images. After further disagreements with Apple over our app we decided to withdraw the Cinenovel® from iTunes and their iPad platform. We are currently planning an adaptation of the fully-immersive sound and FX version of “The Plunge of Icarus” for the Kindle Fire®.

“The Plunge of Icarus” has been reformatted to take advantage of the dynamic cinematic aspect ratio of the Kindle Fire®. This static version is available on Amazon for a special introductory price of just $4.99.

Sample static frames of “The Plunge of Icarus” for the Kindle Fire®