Collected Wanderings

Writer and two-wheel adventurer Jeff Buchanan has carved out a unique place in motorcycle journalism, earning the coveted title of Editor-at-Large—a label he guards zealously. Possessing a reputation for esoteric wanderings (both physical and literary), Buchanan infuses his writings with philosophical observations derived from his myriad two-wheel travels, expounding on topics that transcend the realm of motorcycles, touching on the shared, universal themes of life.

“Collected Wanderings” is a compilation of Buchanan’s favorite and most heartfelt articles and columns, culled together from a globetrotting career spanning fifteen years. At times introspective, thoughtful, humorous, and sad, the writings presented here offer an entertainment of reading to be savored by riders and non-riders alike.

Previous to his career as a motorcycle journalist, Jeff Buchanan was an award-winning commercial director and indie film producer. In his younger years he raced motorcycles and served as a race mechanic for Team Maico on the 1982 AMA Motocross Championship. A happy confluence of circumstances in 2002 unexpectedly landed him in the field of moto-journalism, where he has been happily entrenched as a two-wheel wordsmith ever since.

The writings that comprise “Collected Wanderings” span an eclectic array of topics, from retracing the very real route of the fictional Don Quixote (“A Man in La Mancha”)to a visit to Cremona, Italy, home of Stradivari (“Shadow of the Master”), with an assortment of sentimental wanderings in between, all born from a life on two wheels.

Beautifully done! I have been fortunate to understand some of those similar things first-hand; a long ride for a small thing, paper maps, bugs, that one special store, etc. Those are very precious memories I had forgotten and I feel were a gift, once again, given to me by the author. Thank you Jeff Buchanan! I think anyone that enjoys living life will enjoy this book!” — S. Black Andrade