In addition to writing for magazines as a motorcycle journalist and in the film industry as a screenwriter, I have also authored several works of fiction. A lifelong fan of neo-realistic science-fiction, the novels below are available at Amazon.


The future. A one hundred year terra-forming project is nearing completion. Mars has an atmosphere. The metropolis of Jannah is rising up in anticipation of the arrival of the new settlers. However, the powerbrokers funding the great, multi-trillion-dollar endeavor are anxious about an untimely event that has occurred that threatens to undo their promise of offering a “New Life on Crime Free Mars!”… A Detective has been dispatched from Earth to investigate the red planet’s very first murder.

The Plunge of Icarus

In the not too distant future, on the Isle of Crete in the Aegean Sea, a modern Mount Olympus has been resurrected as an Air Force superpower. The pilots here have been raised since birth to believe they are the new Greek gods, fighting a never-ending war. Icarus is Olympus’ most decorated pilot. Calloused by war the young flyer has never questioned what it is he does. All of that changes one day in a revelation high above the clouds that begin to unravel the labyrinth of mysteries surrounding the war. Icarus inadvertently discovers love as he is plunged into a conscience about killing.

Karmic Blues

Karmic Blues is a collection of short stories that cover a wide range of genres. From galaxy traipsing aliens en route to Earth and troubled playwrights beholden to imaginary audiences, the stories that comprise Karmic Blues are thought-provoking. At times funny, at times disturbing, but always entertaining, Karmic Blues is certain to touch a chord in every reader by virtue of its darkly humorous, yet strangely poignant commentary on the human condition and beyond. A perfect literary accomplice it’s perfectly suited to the bedside nightstand for nocturnal reading as well as poolside indulgences.