Wordsmith Services


Repurposing Content

Many of the articles and essays published here—as well as many more that are in the Jeff Buchanan vault—are available to publishers and editors for fee pay re-purposing. Please feel free to contact me about acquiring specific content for your print or web-based outlet.


With a number of original screenplay credits and various properties under option, I am always actively seeking to bring my film projects to fruition. I am happy to entertain inquiries from serious parties about specific projects that are available for exclusive review.

Titles include: “A Man in La Mancha,” “The Dream Merchant,” “Thug Core,” “Winter In Majorca,” and “Hard Money”


My years producing feature films, combined with my writing credentials has given me a unique perspective on applying structure and work ethic to the writing process, whether it be stories, journalism, or screenwriting. I am available for script consulting and script doctoring, as well as various writing assignments. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.